Gaza ~ An open air prison

“The Rocket may be above us,
but they have forgotten that
Allah is above them” 😥

~ A Palestinian Child.

We don’t need to be a Muslim to stand up for Gaza, we just need to be Human. #BeKind #Dua #PrayforGaza

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15 thoughts on “Gaza ~ An open air prison

  1. 👏👏Salute to all people related and to you, innocent people suffer in all kinds of fights. Why do they do this is not a question to be asked now, nuclear weapons are the biggest evils known to mankind. Allah is surely above all of us, why do we still forget that…

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    1. Agree, Shivee! It is so painful to imagine a missile falling on top of your roof when you don’t have any hand in war. You come out as a victim but by losing everything. Terrorism and fight against terrorism has almost killed a state which might never resurrect. We talk about humanity, but in some part of the world it is almost over. Lets be kind to one another before it time outs.
      Thanks for writing Shivee.

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      1. Thanks to you too then, because if one expresses his thoughts against this another person gets inspired to raise his or her voice or express their thoughts in any way possible, this is how an aware society is created!👍 Most welcome!👍👏

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