Neymar’s injury vanished Brazil’s chances in World Cup

“Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.”

Was Brazil too dependent on Neymar Jr. ?? is the darkness which Brazil faced after Neymar’s injury ?? Questions arises because Brazil appeared to be a very strong team & were very much capable to win the World Cup 2014.

Injured Neymar

Neymar was out but Brazil still manged to win that quarter-final match against Colombia. The Brazilian Fans hoped that Neymar will be back in the semi-final game, but the hope got vanished when doctor’s reported that Neymar will not be able to kick anymore in this world cup. I think that was it, that was the moment when Brazil certainly lost all their hopes.

A team which appeared to be on top in the race of wining WC-2014 probably became last in the hunt. When you depend too much on a single player to win a match for you then their is a big chance that you will end on losing side. Sometimes its just few bad minutes in the field & you’re out of the game.

Brazil Thrashed

Germany thrashed Brazil in the semi-final as they lost 7 goals to 1. Germany scored 5 goals in mere 30 minutes of first half. Brazil’s fan were crying their eyes out. It was unbelievable how a team which played so good throughout the WC lost in this fashion. After the biggest humiliation in the history of Brazilian football, it’s difficult to know how many of those players will be able to bounce back from what happened that night against Germany.

Sometimes you have to loose the expectation to avoid the disappointment..


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