The Mess Boy

Mess, a place where people eat their meal together or a sweet corner where you get your Meal. In NU, we had a same type of hall where we used to get our all time food. It was a big hall, entering which we have a small cabin type Reception. Taking a Right turn from their will give you a view of this hall called Mess which has a seating capacity of over 500 People. It is a well Organized, Neat and Clean Area to take your Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks & Dinner.

After walking 100 meters from the door their is well set area with food placed over the spaces. For me Food is the second best thing after Sleep. Few mess staff members taking care of students getting food right on time. The quality of food is better than any Hostel food you’ll get. Preparing a Course of Meal for 500 Students is a challenging Task but the Mess staff used to Cope up with it very well.

After finishing our meal we used to keep our Plates in a corner where all the plates & other Utensils used to get cleaned.

There was a man, or i should call him a boy because he used to look like us & of our age. I always mentioned a ‘Thank You’ when handing my Plate to him in return he used to pass a smile. This was happening daily & maximum time i used to hand over my plate to him only as he mostly used to stand their.  He always used to ask me “How was the food?”. In reply i used to say “It was good”. He was able to recognize me by now.

After few weeks, one day i didn’t ate all the food which i served for myself. This happened because of the taste & the routine food which we were used to get. I handed my plate to the same guy after eating as much as i can but still a lot of food was left in my plate. He asked  me “why you left the food”. I replied “it was not so good”, he asked me to write a note for it in the feedback register.

After all those weeks gone by, I had to leave for home before Holi festival & my training was also getting over by that time. I remember in the last week when i was their, He asked me to play Holi with them.

The last dinner which i took their after eating that i handed over my plate to him & said ” Today is my last day, i am going tomorrow” He asked me “When you will come back”, i replied “my training has got over so i am not going to come now”. I don’t know what happened to him he kept quiet for few moment & said “Now you will not come?” I said No.

He asked me “You will not play Holi with us” and i said ” I will not be able to, as i am leaving tomorrow”. I could see on his face that he was not impressed after hearing that. He wanted to play Holi, i felt he was excited about it. I asked him that i’ll be here after few minutes so please don’t leave. I went to the Tuck Shop near the mess, a shop with all the goods you need. I purchased chocolates from their. After that i went back to mess & gave him a chocolate & he accepted it with a smile & i said Bye to him. I offered chocolates to few other members of the mess, who always used to arrange things at food corners. He also waved hand to me & said Bye.

They were not people who are that important to anyone but for me they used to do all the things to offer us the best meal on table. I really thank to all of them. I will always remember the Mess boy who used to clean all those plates. Looking at him i get a feeling that he wanted to come out & enjoy, a very different expressions he had on his face when i said him that i am leaving. He was Perplexed, but he just gave back a Smile.



Journey to NIIT University, Neemrana

January 26th 2014, Nation was celebrating Republic Day & i was about to start the journey to Neemrana from Gurgaon for my Training.

I left home around 9:30 am so that i can reach Gurgaon before 11:30, the reporting time at NIIT, gurgaon. I reached their before time.  After some waiting & roaming around the NIIT Office we were offered with lunch. We left for Neemrana around 2:30 in the afternoon by bus.

A 95 Kms stretch with loads of Mustard Plant fields Spread on both side of NH-8 & many Under-Construction Flyovers.

I was sitting in the second last row of the bus with two students of my college. A journey of 1 Hour 30 mins got over with few little talks & listening to few songs. Around 4 in the evening, I saw hoardings of Japanese Zone & the bus took a Left turn to go to NIIT, Neemrana. A Chemical Company named as AJF was their. Around 100 Metres from the company, I saw the gate of NIIT University, Neemrana. Before telling more, i will let you know that Neemrana is part of Rajasthan. Even i was not knowing about this place when i was informed to go their.

When we entered in NIIT University the bus took us 500 meters inside the campus to drop us. This 500 meters had a lot of greenery, football ground & many sports area. After all this came the University Center. On the other side of the University, their was a Mountain which looked beautiful. The air was more cooler & fresh than what i felt in Delhi. The Sun was about to set, so their was a gleam on us.

We deboarded the bus & took our luggage. After few minutes we were broken down into batches & taken to a class room. A different class room not like the classroom i had in college. Our Mentor gave a short brief & he was looking like a very serious guy that day. We were also asked to introduce yourself. Few small speeches by other faculty & few document signature formalities.

After having the evening snacks, we were taken to the hostel & given Room Keys. A different feeling as i never used to keep key with me. It was dark & the hostel building & NU reception where my luggage was kept were very distant so it took a lot of efforts to bring those bags to the room which was allotted to me. During the shifting of the Luggage, two First Year Engineering students of NIIT asked me if i need any help & i replied them with a note of ‘No, Thanks’.  Few stretches in my arms & finally i was able to get those bags to the room on the first floor, as their were no lift in the UG Hostel it was more tough but still i was able to get the luggage in my room.

The room was like a Store Room, very small it appeared in the starting but was having all required things like Book Shelf’s, Racks, Almirah, Study table etc.  & all the stuffs were nicely placed.

After keeping my stuffs & taking rest for half an hour, i & two of my college mates decided to go for dinner. The atmosphere was becoming cooler. We entered the mess which was 100 Mtrs away from our hostel. The mess was full of students & one television which only shows videos as its full volume was not louder than 200 students voice. The mess was clean & nice. We took our dinner by 9:30 pm, the dinner was fine, or can say good, as you cannot get anything better than what we got to eat in the Hostel.

Later we 3 decided to go in our room & rest and we decided to wake up early around 5 in the morning. I had few talks with my family and later i was trying to sleep but slept late that day.

This was my first day at NU or can say the first 8 hours.